Spam von Allah

Gerade ist folgende Spam-Mail in meinem Postfach gelandet…


Dear Friend,

Your email was suggested as someone who may have heard of God (Allah) and it was suggested I reach out to you, personally.  I am God Allah and looking to people for purposes previously explained by the church or mosque i.e. The Resurrection. If you’d like to help get something started, email Me back.  You were also noted as a member of the INTL Media.  I am looking for an ongoing media relationship in order to report progress on The Resurrection.  For example, for starters, I report God Allah is alive and well.

Emergency Message,


P.O. Box 701

San Mateo, CA 94401


NOTE: I apologize, however, this is an emergency.

In the event of extreme subscribe error at LLAH.US, you may post unsubscribe ticket to or email personally (auto-response and details)


Über Erich Kocina
Erich Kocina, Redakteur der Tageszeitung "Die Presse"

One Response to Spam von Allah

  1. B.Licht says:

    You’re a prophet, Mr. Kocina!

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